Ultimate Guide To Cleaning & Protecting Marble

Tenax Proseal is made in Italy and is safe on all stone surfaces. It will help to rejuvenate your stone, giving you a great glossy finish on top of your already beautiful natural surfaces. One liter of Proseal allows you to completely seal between 200 and 300 square feet, and this is a single quart. Clean your marble first, then spread the sealer on with a sponge or cloth. Once you have given it time to penetrate and settle, wipe off the tacky excess to give yourself some beautiful and safe counters.

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Top Awards for Cleaning Products – The 2019 Good Housekeeping Cleaning Awards.

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But if that granite doesn’t have a good sealant, homeowners might not be able to enjoy its long-lasting benefits and aesthetic charm. If the instructions aren’t followed properly then it will leave streaks and for optimal results, you’ll need to apply several coats which can be time-consuming. Unfortunately, two applications aren’t enough and you’re likely to see water rings on your surfaces. Overall Granite Gold is a mediocre sealer and for its price, there are better products available. Sealers go a long way to protect your floor from stains, but they act as a shield and stains still need to be cleaned. Fluids such as coffee and wine will leave a stain so cleaning it as soon as you spot it will ensure your surface is undamaged.

How Often Is Sealing Required?

The perfectly polished natural stone is a real pleasure to look at. You should be able to wet sand shallow scratches and surface stains off. If the results are satisfactory, rinse and dry the countertop.

  • Professional Quality Stone Care – TriNova’s Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble.
  • Marble sealer protects it from absorbing too much moisture and ensures your floors or counters stay looking new for longer.
  • Unfortunately, a granite sealer isn’t entirely permanent.
  • Solvent based are more durable because they penetrate deeper into the stone.
  • Do not rush through a product you will be using on your marbles, especially in your home or office.
  • Some of the etches we live with, and some of them I remove.
  • They also have a nice line of cleaning products which I use on a daily basis.
  • It lets water roll off your marble and removes black marker marks.
  • Impregnating Sealer -This type consists of silanes or modified silanes.

Most enhancing compounds also provide a bit of sealant protection, much like an impregnating or penetrating sealer. Before applying the sealer to the entire item or floor, you may want to select an area on the back or bottom of the statue or a tile in a discreet area to test. This testing method lets you make sure there is no discoloration or fogginess as a result of using the compound. Some color enhancing products can leave a darker surface after applying the sealer, so we suggest using the testing method prior to applying any sealer for the first time. This sealer reduces water spots and resists penetration into the pores of your marble surfaces and decorations. You can use this sealer and protector to prevent stains from wine, spaghetti sauce, grape juice, coffee, and soda spills.

Sealing Natural Stone Countertops

This enhancing sealer deepens and enriches the natural color of man-made surfaces. Paver Enhancing Sealer STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer offers rich color enhancement, along with water and liquid protection, through a patented combination of silicone technology. STAIN-PROOFAlkaline Cleaner, formerly known as OXY-KLENSA™, is perfectly suited for removing stubborn stains. The powerful, oxygen based cleaner can be made into a closed poultice which can remove stains that have had time to sink into dense stones such as granite. Refer to ourmaintenance guidefor how to apply a closed poultice to a stain.

Professional Quality Stone Care – TriNova’s Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble. Great for Quartz, Marble, Granite, Quartzite, and Soapstone. With proper care, your natural stone surfaces will look as good as new many years down the road. One of the most important aspects of proper care is making sure that your natural stone is sealed.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer

Knowing where you can use each product will determine what items you can protect with the formula. If you want a sealer that will cover many stone types, then we suggest going with the Drytreat sealant because it works for granite, limestone, Saltillo, marble, and many natural stones. Use a marble and granite cleaner such as Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® to prepare the surface for sealing. Never use household cleaners you get from the supermarket, as doing so may cause damage to your marble over time. If you have stubborn coffee stains, you can remove them by soaking a white terrycloth towel or cotton balls with bleach and letting them sit overnight, then rinsing with water.


If you want your stone to look like it is new again, this is the sealer that you want to go with. Stella Sealants makes this Ultra Dry 70 formula that works wonderfully. Just like you would expect to find in a Dupont marble sealer review, Stella’s Ultra Dry 70 affords you the maximum stain protection that you can get in a sealant. It works in natural stone, marble, granite, and even limestone to keep your expensive floors, countertops, and showers looking their best.

When this happens, the spilled drink, water, or any liquid material can travel deep into the marbles through the pores. This not only gradually weakens your marble but also works to reduce its shining and beautifying abilities. This stone is often used on countertops and floors, and it has been used since ancient Rome. best marble countertop sealer Rock Doctor knows just how popular Carrara marble is, so we are here to help homeowners understand just how to care for this delicate stone. During the sealing process, work with areas that are smaller in size and ensure that the sealer is provided with the recommended time to absorb, prior to the second application.

best marble countertop sealer

Because it’s water-based and doesn’t contain volatile chemicals, it’s safe to use in closed spaces. Topical sealers create a layer of protection on the outermost layer of the stone. They create a shiny, glossy finish, and they protect the surface from scratches, dull spots, and other undesirable marks. They work well on flooring, mantels, and other rougher stone surfaces. The rugged texture of these materials gives these types of sealers a “tooth” onto which they can grip to create long-lasting protection. Whether you are coating a marble statue or an entire floor, the Spruce says you may want to use a pH neutral cleaner on your surfaces before adding sealers.

You also need to think about which surfaces are likely to encounter stains. Marble showers are unlikely to stain as only water comes into contact with them. If you have white Carrara marble, then you should use a sealer. White marble has metallic elements which will rust over time is too much water is absorbed. Kitchen counters are the areas most likely to stain and they should be protected. Marble is a beautiful, timeless stone that lends its elegance to our homes.

best marble countertop sealer

“What it is doing is sealing the top of the marble so things won’t penetrate quickly. Luckily, according to marble experts, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and caring for the classic beauty of a marble surface may be easier than you think. They are both natural stones, and except for very high-end applications they are close in price. The main difference between marble and granite for many people is simply the look. Marble offers a classic, elegant look that is hard to match. It is one of the lightest and brightest natural stones available.

Each product on our list comes with a warranty or product lifetime. For example, the Drytreat marble sealer comes with a 25-year warranty where the StoneTech compound suggests a five-year lifespan for interior surfaces. We suggest looking closely at each item to see which guarantee is the most appealing for your marble items and situation. Some manufacturer’s limit coverage because of wear and tear or improper application. Knowing the warranty information before you make a decision to purchase can help you select a product that will hold up as long as you want it to.

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The yellowing usually happens because iron in the stone oxidizes. If the seal on the marble has weakened or worn, water and other chemicals can reach the stones surface and absorb into the pores, which causes the discoloration. People often choose honed marble because it is less likely to scratch or etch.

Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Care Kit

I think you do not want the sealer to change the look of your creations, therefore we recommend penetrating sealers. When you want a product that comes in a variety of sizes, then you might find the Black Diamond Stoneworks sealer your favorite option. Furthermore, this product makes your marbles ready for use in as little as two hoursfollowing application.

When it comes to choosing a natural stone for your kitchen, countertops often get all of the glory. However, your kitchen backsplash can be a focal point to show off your design choices. we love wine and coffee and both have been on the counter many times. people at the stone place have told us many times not to get marble. It needs to be sealed regularly, and you cannot use just any product to clean it. Also, in between sealing, the water has crystalized inside, so there appears to be etched “veins” running through in the area where water would be more likely to stand.

Those who need a food-safe countertop sealer that’s easy to apply and versatile for several surfaces may want to try Granite Gold Sealer Spray. All sealers help protect granite surfaces, but some can leave behind a shiny finish that looks great. Some don’t apply particularly well to smooth surfaces, and they can also block moisture from escaping the stone, causing cracks when the moisture tries to escape. A plethora of granite care products are available in today’s market. Many of those products serve the same purpose, but they do so with different methods. The three most popular sealants are penetrating, enhancing, and topical sealers.

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